Friday, August 24, 2018

Princess Invitations ♥

Good morning!

I'm really excited about the cards in today's post, they're the invitations for Bree and Emma's birthday party next weekend and they turned out pretty much exactly how I pictured them ♥

I bought a castle svg file on Etsy and then manipulated it to turn it into a gate fold card and then I made another cut file for the turrets so I could foil them with my Rose Gold foil. I designed the text in photoshop and foiled two of the lines in the rose gold. I bought the Princess torsos (which I also used for big decorations and for cupcake toppers for the party) on Etsy and cut them all out (I also flipped the picture in photoshop and printed out the reverse of the image so they could be glued back to back) and then I spent the rest of my life hot gluing those little tulle skirts on all of the Princesses ☺

I'm actually keeping this party a bit low key (seriously, my previous plans included turning my kitchen table into a carriage) But all of the party prep is almost done, I just have to finish cutting out wrappers and toppers for the cupcakes at this point!

Have a lovely day!

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