Monday, May 8, 2017

A Dinglehopper!


I had some fun with some of my new My Favorite Things stamps today to make a Little Mermaid card.

(excuse the ink blob on her hand. My maker decided to spit out a huge splotch of ink. fun.)

"dude. it's a dinglehopper. educate yourself"  😆

Bree had her feeding/occupational therapy this morning. A big part of why she needed it is her refusal to try new foods. Super picky eater. I was supposed to bring a few foods that she would and a few that she wouldn't eat to the appointment. I took peas, green beans, and mashed potatoes for what she wouldn't eat, and checked before we left the house to make sure she still refused them. She started sobbing when I even offered her a pea and suggested she taste it. That darn girl ate all of those foods in the office in front of the therapist. 😐
The therapist did ultimately recommend that Bree come in for the feeding/occupational therapy 2-3 times a week, and the other therapist recommended 2 times a week for speech therapy. My weeks are going to get a lot busier. (i might need therapy lol) Hopefully all of this well help and Bree will get everything sorted out to where she's "supposed" to be for her age level.
Em's doing really well, she's learned how to play, how to amuse herself a little better, when she's in a good mood she can play in the living room and not freak out if I step into the kitchen (when she's not in a good mood that leads to instant screaming...), she's eating really well, enjoying her sister and sitting in the stroller on our many trips to the zoo, now if I could just get her to sleep through the night she'd be perfect and she could move into her crib in Bree's room!



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