Friday, April 21, 2017

S'more box card!


I can't put my box card dies away! It just won't get off of my desk! I'm afraid I'll never make a regular card again! ☺

This time I made one that lights up, which means it doesn't fold flat as nicely, it's a lumpy mess when you fold it, but it lights up! so yay!

I'm frantically trying to drop this off on the internet during the last couple of minute of nap time, I can hear Em stirring, so no details about how I cobbled this one together today, just imagine it as being made with much frustration and great difficulty, I'm still not so awesome at making the circuits work consistently for the Chibitronic lights, I definitely still need more practice!

Have a lovely weekend!

I have another couple of box card ideas trying to bust out of my skull so I'll probably have a couple more to share next week!



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