Friday, February 3, 2017

Soy Much!


Happy Friday! I have a cute valentine's card to share today! (I have to quit showing all of these Valentine's cards to Jeff as I make them, I don't want to give it to him after I already showed it to him/asked for design advice so I've got a little stash of cards I'll never use building up!)

I started out by stamping and masking all of the images (I totally thought that I had masked off the wasabi and was kind of super annoyed when I took all of the masking paper off and realized that I had left my wasabi mask off, so I just stamped, colored, and fussy cut out the wasabi and layered it on top because I was not going to stamp everything and do my ink blending again just because I screwed up on my very first step! 😕)
So anyways, after all of the images were stamped I die cut a heart from masking paper and used the negative space to mask off the heart over my masked off images for my ink blending. I blended Spun Sugar and Worn Lipstick Distress Ink and then I took all of my masking off and colored everything with Copic markers. I used sentiments from 3 different sets to get my sentiment! The I Love You is from Love You S'more, the Soy is from Let's Roll, and the Much is from Fairy Friends! The much is more cursive than the other fonts, but I still think it works ☺
Anyways (again) I tied some baker's twine around my stamped piece and then adhered it to a gray card base!

My taxes are done! I was waiting on one form for the past couple of days and Jeff went through some stuff on his desk
Jeff: "oh is this the form you needed?"
me: "you had it this whole time?!"
Jeff: "yeah, they sent it back in September"
me: "😑"

so anyways, taxes, done! (and already accepted, the IRS is fast!)

My Hamilton obsession is still going strong and I have definitely pulled Jeff in with me and he, in turn, pulled in his best friend at work. Jeff and I seriously just throw out a song line and then that leads to a 5-10 minute singing spree before we remember we actually had work to do. The first hour or so he's home is almost all Hamilton, the next two hours we probably spend about 40% of the time on Hamilton lyrics, and then i put my headphones in to listen to Hamilton but I try to keep it to myself while Jeff does homework. obsessed.

Half of this weekend should be fun, my cousin Jen is coming down on Saturday and we're going to the aquarium with the girls and then I'm taking her to one of our local foodtrucks and buying Jen her first lobster roll! 😍
Then Jeff unfortunately has to work on Sunday so I'll be juggling the girls and meal prepping for the next week all by myself.

So anyways, have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday!


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