Monday, January 30, 2017

With Love


I've got a fun Valentine's card to share today ☺

This one was pretty easy and based on a recent Make it Monday challenge. I die cut the heart out of a white piece of cardstock and then stamped the flowers around the negative heart in a couple of different ink colors. I adhered that on a piece of pink cardstock die cut with the scalloped rectangle die. - it wasn't quite wide enough so I actually just sliced off the edges and glued them down under the sides of my stamped piece and then put the rest of the rectangle underneath the negative heart. I stamped the sentiment and then banner and then fussy cut it out and added it with foam tape. I adhered everything to a white card base and then glued down some sequins to finish it off!

It's been a long weekend full of highs and lows.
➽ I got fancy new highlighters! I ordered some Pilot Frixion Japanese Pastel highlighters to use in my planner and I'm in love! ♥
➽ I also got my Gaston from Beauty and the Beast Funko Pop figure and it makes me so happy! #TeamGaston
➽ Bree was awesome with all of our visiting family this weekend, she had a few really long days but was cheerful and friendly and not at all shy which was wonderful. Also, I taught her the Tiki Room song from Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. And I bought her a Moana and a Maui doll and she adores them.
➽ seeing family! We had a visit from my Aunt Judie and two sets of parents this weekend.
➽ I'm a little self conscious about being a stay at home mom. I feel like people think less of me and then I hear things like this a lot: "so and so does all this parenting and blah blah blah and works a full time job too!' I'm not saying that working parents have it any easier, they have a whole bunch of struggles that I don't have and I'm super grateful to be able to be a stay at home mom, but stay at home moms work all day and our bosses don't give us breaks (if you have kids who like mine who don't really nap) I feel judged and like my struggles are trivialized by these stories and boo to that.
➽ Some of the political nonsense that came out of the last week is insane, but what upsets me the most about any of this are the comment sections on Social Media where regular citizens are spouting off such hate at anyone who disagrees with them, it makes me very sad.
➽ My complete and total lack of motivation.
➽ Luke Cage. Jeff and I are trying to slog our way through the series. I genuinely hope that it will pick up and be awesome because we've liked the other Netflix Marvel shows, but this one feels like we're being punished. We just finished the 4th episode, we're only making ourselves watch one a week (we would just call it a loss and walk away but we know we want to watch the other Marvel shows and we don't want to miss anything when they build on each other's stories)

Anyways, I'll be back tomorrow with another monster card! have a great day!


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