Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bella has cupcakes!


I'm working my way through my Stamping Bella stash, my goal is to have stamped and colored all of the ones I own by this summer! (so then I can buy some new ones!)

This one is super simple, just a bunch of coloring. The image is stamped in Memento ink on Neenah cardstock and colored with Copic markers. I stamped the sentiment in Hero Arts black ink and then die cut the image with the scalloped rectangle and adhered it to a gray card base!

Nothing exciting around here. I started the 30 day shred workout over yesterday. (I stopped it because of some injury issues before) Dinner time alone with both girls is excruciating. Emma's crazy witching hour starts around 6 until she falls asleep. She wants constant attention and hollers all through dinner; which is fine when Jeff's here to deal with Bree, I can just go sit on the couch and deal with Em. But when it's just me I'm stuck sitting at the table holding a screaming baby while Bree eats and she takes forever to eat. I'll never understand how the child can take an entire hour to eat 5 chicken nuggets and a pouch of applesauce. Then we clean up toys, brush teeth, get jammies on and read bedtime stories. We're up to three books every night now. Emma pretty much cries through the whole time. then Bree gets tucked in and I get Em changed and jammied and then nurse her to sleep, take her to her bed, swaddle her, she wakes up again and I keep her swaddled and feed her to sleep again. (she still hasn't learned how to self soothe and I'm not ready to let her cry it out yet, she won't take a pacifier at night. We're weaning off of the swaddle blanket, she can roll over now so it's time. I tried to break it off cold turkey but that didn't work. She's been sleeping with one arm out for months because she could always get her left arm out and when she did it dragged the swaddle blanket up near her face, so that arm's been free for ages. Now i've started leaving the other arm out this week and I'm wrapping the swaddle less tightly, hopefully by next week we can move to just the larger sleep sack.) Last night Em woke up again after Jeff got home so I had to feed her again, then she woke up about 15 minutes later again and I had to go in and rock her back to sleep. I can't wait for her to grow out of the baby stage.

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