Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bree turns 3

My little girl turns three years old today. sigh.
She is a Mama's girl through and through
with a love of adventure
and cake
and Mickey Mouse.
She is absolutely precious and knows it
and sometimes her hair looks like Wolverine's hair which is kind of amazing.
She has a fantastic smile
loves to play
and laugh
and wants to snuggle her Mama when she doesn't feel good.
She lets me dress her in ridiculous things and tolerates my squeals about how cute she is
and loves to climb in baskets and boxes like a cat.
She is super stylish
(way more stylish than I will ever be)
and I am slightly jealous of her ability to rock a fedora.
She loves her daddy
and Mama
and tiaras.
Happy birthday baby girl. 
here are about a million more pictures because I couldn't narrow my choices down any farther :)


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