Wednesday, March 9, 2016

rainbow butterflies

Good morning!

I've got a rainbow-y butterfly card to share today!

This one came together pretty quickly and easily. I die cut the butterfly cover plate out of masking paper and adhered it to a white card base. (and I should have added an extra big strip of masking paper around the edges, the top of my card was a little exposed so I ended up with red ink up there. oops.) After my mask was in place I used my ink blending tools to blend the ink in a rainbow pattern. I removed the mask, stamped my sentiment, and finished it off with some sequins. Rainbow colors make me happy in Spring :)

So yesterday's check-up for Bree wasn't too awful. Thankfully she didn't need any shots! The weather was awesome so we hung out in the backyard when we got home and I raked, swept the patio, and pulled weeds, the downside is that now my arms and shoulders hurt so much that I can barely move my arms. Biofreeze to the rescue! (and man do I wish I could take some naproxen sodium or advil, pregnant women don't get to take any of the good medicine!) Bree had a blast digging in the dirt and getting filthy, and then drenching me with splashing during her bath. (bath time is usually her Daddy's job, so it's extra fun for her to get to splash me...)

Anyways, I finished off yesterday by going to see Zootopia. It was super fun. Go see it :)



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