Friday, December 4, 2015

Around here...

Around here this week:
  • I'm working hard to finish my December Daily cover, it's coming along beautifully, but I had a teensy little hiccup in my plans so I had to readjust some of it and that will require another trip to Michael's before I can finish it and share it :)
  • The Wiz Live! was ah-mazing. Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man (I always love Ne-Yo!), and The Wiz were all flawless. If it comes on again as a rerun, watch it. ♥
  • Bree's still trying to add things to her Christmas list in the toy section at Target (or just blatantly trying to put toys in my shopping cart...)
  •  and she seems to think she's a parrot.
  •  and she's learned how to decorate her Daddy with pretty princess stickers *snicker*
  •  Our tree is still undecorated but so so so pretty with the lights.
  • I'm dreading having to keep Bree away from the tree once the ornaments go up.
  •  We're totally geeking out about the new Star Wars movie coming out in just TWO WEEKS!!!!! I seriously put the press release about Disney buying Star Wars and the announcements about the new movies in my Project Life album back in 2012 and now the new movie is almost finally here!!!!
  • If you're a verizon customer, go to a verizon store and ask for the Star Wars google cardboard viewers and then download the Star Wars app. It's free and kind of awesome.
  •  I treated myself to the David's Tea advent calendar and it's lovely so far. (and of course I have to put it in a pretty cup and take a picture of each cup of tea for my December Daily album. that's normal right?)
  •  Bree dragged her stuffed elephant to the living room and sat it down beside her to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas yesterday. She's my favorite :)
  • We have a busy holiday weekend ahead of us. Today we have Jeff's holiday lunch for work at a Brazilian restaurant (one of the places with the endless platters of meat. help.) and then we're decorating the tree tonight. Saturday we have a thing called Hollydazzle to go to in the evening, It's a big tree lighting and fireworks festival and then we have more fireworks on Sunday at the Grand Illumination in Williamsburg. Hopefully Bree won't freak out about a.) being out super late two nights in a row, b.) the huge crowds of people, or c.) the fireworks. She hasn't really done the huge crowd and fireworks thing since she was 3 months old I think. *fingers crossed*
 Anyways that's it for me today, have a fantastic weekend and I'll be back next week with more crafty fun!

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