Friday, November 6, 2015

2012 December Daily!

Good morning and happy Friday! I did it! I finished my *ahem* 2012 December Daily album!!! 

Here's the cover:

aaaaand, here's a video walkthrough of the entire album:

I am so excited to have this checked off of my to-do list! It feels magical :) Now I only have two more years to do, this year's to start and a whole mess of project life to catch up on. eek!

Anyways, it's a lovely Friday (except for the weather - seriously, it's 80 degrees in November. I can't wear my boots and scarf in 80 degrees. not cool. literally lol) it's payday so Bree and I are off to Target to look at Christmas stuff and knock a few things off of our Christmas shopping list. My new stuff from My Favorite Things should get here today (the release was on Tuesday night, hooray for super speedy turnaround and shipping!) so I get to play with my new stamps and dies tonight after Bree goes to bed. Happy girl :)

Have a great day!


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  1. So much fun to see all your pretty album pages! Know how glad you must be to finally get it finished!


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