Wednesday, March 6, 2013

week 5

today is super dreary and rainy but i had my Studio Calico kits waiting on my doorstep when i woke up, so i guess it can't be that bad.

i'm still working my way through some spring cleaning/baby nesting/purging this week - with little project life breaks (i spent all of last year kind of behind and this year is shaping up the same - which is not so fun because when project life spreads are spread out all over my desk i don't make anything else. and i miss scrapbooking and card making!) I keep my house pretty organized and picked up - but i slack on the deep cleaning (confession - we've been in this house for 4 years this month and i've run a swiffer wet jet thing over the floors - but i've never actually mopped!) so i'm trying to figure out a weekly cleaning schedule for myself (as i don't suppose it'll get any easier after Baby gets here!)

 anyways - here's week 5
i had the hardest time narrowing down the super bowl memes that i wanted to include this week! (sadly the iron man one and the doctor who one didn't make the cut - and in case you can't read it - the ecard one says "Next years super bowl will be played at the Motel 6, because at least they keep the lights on for you. bwahaha.)

you may ooh and aah over my sequin storage. it makes me happy.

stay dry (and warm and safe if you're being hit with snow!) and have a lovely evening!


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  1. Great PL page! I *heart* your sequin storage...such a rainbow of happiness! :) Happy Wednesday!


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