Wednesday, March 13, 2013

sigh...i miss sushi

I am having the BEST week! 
I'm taking Shimelle's Cover to Cover class right now and i'm reorganizing all of my layouts and planning so many more to make. This class is doing exactly what I hoped it would do. I've never been a big everyday scrapper (though i'd really like to be) I started off my scrapbooking with disney albums - and i'd scrap every single bit of a trip but i never knew what else to scrap - then the past couple of years i've added a little bit more of non-travely pages but i never really had a direction - and then when i started project life regularly that kind of usurped all other craftiness for the past year [as a side note - it's awesome to live your life like you're about to have a baby! I'm trying to make everything i love & everything that's important to me a part of a regular routine so *hopefully* it'll all be a little bit easier to keep up with once the baby gets here] so anyhow - i pulled my layouts all out of my albums yesterday and reorganized them - and now i have an idea of how to fill my albums and i'm so excited to get started with everything now - i might even start scrapbooking my wedding and honeymoon before my 4th anniversary this may :)

anyways- while i was pulling out all of my layouts i realized there were quite a few i'd never shared here so i thought i'd start with this one from our anniversary last year (so missing sushi during this pregnancy!)

lots and lots of Amy Tangerine Sketchbook on this page - it makes me happy :)

have a great day!



  1. That Amy tangerine collection is fab with your photos. Just great

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