Friday, March 22, 2013

Project Life weeks 9 & 10

I've got two weeks of Project Life to share today. They were two kind of empty weeks and i just couldn't figure out how to fill up a design a or b page so i went with the itty bitty design h :)
it was basically two weeks of meh. we found an amazing pizza place...but i can't keep pizza down anymore (i learned that night). we went out for dinner and a movie with some friends and had a good dinner, but then i had to sit through an awful movie (p.s. i really didn't like oz the great and powerful!). The highlight of both weeks was finding sweetarts at target (after i'd checked about 5 other stores and a movie theater and all i could find were sweetart gummies. travesty). i bought 3 boxes and a bag of easter shaped sweetarts and have been happily munching away on them ever since (except for when i need to take breaks because eventually they make my mouth kind of raw!)

week 9:

and week 10:

have a good one!

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