Monday, March 11, 2013

Project Life week 8

goodness gracious i'm sleepy this morning! I decided not to type my post last night - i figured typing it in the morning would give me something to do while Jeff's in the shower. i definitely did not take into account the stupid sleepy brain i have in the morning. oops.

it's not entirely on purpose - but i seem to be sticking to color themes for my weeks a bit more this year, a different color every week, but definitely an overall shade for the page. apparently this week was mustard. This was a slow week (as evidenced by a lunch date with a friend taking up a whopping three pockets)  but overall i think i can live with it :)

i saw oz the great and powerful this weekend - worst movie of the year. some of the people in the audience clapped though (unless they were just as excited for it to be over as i was) so i won't put out a don't go see it blanket statement - but really, the cg was awesome (especially the flying monkey's face - superb job) and that's really the only positive thing i have to say about the entire 130 minutes. so go see it at your own risk :)

have a great day!


  1. I often do my PL layouts with a color theme. 12 weeks...congrats! My daughter is 12 weeks as well. Great to see the stats!

  2. Your color theme really pulls it all together. I like how you stamped on the wooden card. I haven't used mine yet.


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