Friday, March 15, 2013

is it spring yet?

Spring keeps teasing me. The weather will be beautiful one day, nice and warm-ish in the 60s, sun shining, flip flop and frappuccino weather. The next day it pops back down to the 40s with wind and some rain. boo to that. I bought the comfiest and prettiest maternity maxi skirt yesterday and the weather will be too cold and rainy this weekend to debut it. again. boo.

to encourage spring to hurry up and get here to stay, i have another older layout to share today :)

i never have the patience/desire/skill to garden - but i love other people's flowers and i really miss seeing my mama's pretty little garden now that she moved to CA :)

have a lovely weekend! (and i hope your weather is nicer than ours will be!)

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