Thursday, February 28, 2013

week 2

wow, blog posts two days in a row - let's totally make a habit out of this :)

here's my week 2:

one of the reasons project life has been lagging this year is the complete lack of anything that we've done :)
by this time last year i had taken 2 long vacations, run two half marathons, and just done a bunch of fun stuff. this year we're "saving money" for the baby (less fun) and the pregnancy has been kicking my butt and making me super sleepy - which leads to no pictures for project life. also - Jeff got a video game at the beginning of December that he played constantly for 2 1/2 months whenever he was home. now that the weather's edging towards spring and i'm not as sleepy i'm trying to go out more, meet up with friends, and just take more pictures - wish me luck - i don't like pages full of filler :)

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