Monday, February 25, 2013


hi there!
I'm moving my way out of the first trimester blues and i'm ready to rejoin the world! I have a couple project life pages to share this week, i'm just waiting on some sunshine to photograph them. so today i thought i'd pop in with what's going on/what i'm loving right now :)

  •  We got to see our baby two weeks ago! super awesome - now i can't wait to see it again! (and to find out the sex!!!)
  •   As soon as i started to move out of morning sickness and exhaustion i dove straight into spring cleaning/organizing/purging/nesting. loving the progress i'm making on organizing our storage shed and on cleaning out the baby's room :)
  • I'm drinking tons and tons of water and i'm down to one diet coke every few days!
  • I'll be dragging myself back to the gym this week for cardio and yoga and i can't wait! i've felt like such a bum the last two months!
  • I'm waiting impatiently for my papertrey ink order to get here - hopefully today or tomorrow and then i can play with my new stamps!!!
  • Really looking forward to cooking again now that I'm enjoying food again :)
  • I'm trying for some restraint but i'm desperately wanting a doppler so i can hear the baby's heartbeat at home - super frivolous and if i can hold out another week or two i know i'll be able to just wait until Baby starts kicking and be happy with that. but still.
  • i'm loving my new nail polish! Essie Mint Candy Apple - can't wait for flip flop weather! (sorry about the picture of my feet - but i only wear nail polish on my toes! i hate to have it on my fingers!)



  1. Yay Becky! I didn't even know you were expecting! Congrats! :) Love your toe nail color!

  2. Glad to see a new post - I've missed them. Hold out on the Doppler - you'll have far better things to spend your money on. : )


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