Thursday, February 28, 2013

week 2

wow, blog posts two days in a row - let's totally make a habit out of this :)

here's my week 2:

one of the reasons project life has been lagging this year is the complete lack of anything that we've done :)
by this time last year i had taken 2 long vacations, run two half marathons, and just done a bunch of fun stuff. this year we're "saving money" for the baby (less fun) and the pregnancy has been kicking my butt and making me super sleepy - which leads to no pictures for project life. also - Jeff got a video game at the beginning of December that he played constantly for 2 1/2 months whenever he was home. now that the weather's edging towards spring and i'm not as sleepy i'm trying to go out more, meet up with friends, and just take more pictures - wish me luck - i don't like pages full of filler :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

project life week 1!

Hi there!
The sun came out today so i have some Project Life pages to share for the rest of the week!

here's week 1!

 (sorry for the unpopular opinion on Les Miserables! It's been my favorite musical since i was in 6th grade and i don't think the singing in the movie came close to doing it justice! I'll take the 25th anniversary concert and pretend the movie didn't happen!)

this year (as usual) i'm using a big mix of stuff in project life. i got the seafoam kit, i subscribed to the Studio Calico PL kit, and i just use whatever i grab in my studio - it make my album a little hodge-podgy but i like it :)
my cover page is still a work in progress - i printed out a big 12x9 picture so that leaves me with just a row of 3x4s to fill in but i'm having a hard time committing to a paper. for my last two albums i just went with at 12x12 picture but i think if i printed the one i want for this year @ 12x12 it would put our faces right in the lines to cut - not so cute. so yeah, a work in progress :)

Monday, February 25, 2013


hi there!
I'm moving my way out of the first trimester blues and i'm ready to rejoin the world! I have a couple project life pages to share this week, i'm just waiting on some sunshine to photograph them. so today i thought i'd pop in with what's going on/what i'm loving right now :)

  •  We got to see our baby two weeks ago! super awesome - now i can't wait to see it again! (and to find out the sex!!!)
  •   As soon as i started to move out of morning sickness and exhaustion i dove straight into spring cleaning/organizing/purging/nesting. loving the progress i'm making on organizing our storage shed and on cleaning out the baby's room :)
  • I'm drinking tons and tons of water and i'm down to one diet coke every few days!
  • I'll be dragging myself back to the gym this week for cardio and yoga and i can't wait! i've felt like such a bum the last two months!
  • I'm waiting impatiently for my papertrey ink order to get here - hopefully today or tomorrow and then i can play with my new stamps!!!
  • Really looking forward to cooking again now that I'm enjoying food again :)
  • I'm trying for some restraint but i'm desperately wanting a doppler so i can hear the baby's heartbeat at home - super frivolous and if i can hold out another week or two i know i'll be able to just wait until Baby starts kicking and be happy with that. but still.
  • i'm loving my new nail polish! Essie Mint Candy Apple - can't wait for flip flop weather! (sorry about the picture of my feet - but i only wear nail polish on my toes! i hate to have it on my fingers!)

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