Wednesday, December 12, 2012

project life week 49

good morning. as promised, i've got week 49 to share today. only 3 more weeks left this year!!!

i've already shared most of these pictures in my december daily pages - the 5th and 6th with our christmas jammie date and saint nicholas presents should be up tomorrow - but they made it into project life too :)

again - lots and lots of printables from Geralyn's shoppe. (i'm addicted.)
other than that it's really simple :)

hopefully i'll have a chance to get to some of your blogs to visit today - my computer decided to throw a virus hissy fit again yesterday and was out of commission for most of the day - jeff put another bandaid on it but each time it comes out of it much much worse - counting the days until my dad wipes the whole system clean at the end of the month!

thank you all for your lovely comments this week - i had a truly rotten day yesterday and they really really helped :)


  1. Love it! The second pic in the middle is the best;-))

  2. This is wonderful. I've loved seeing your pages so far. Laurab.


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