Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Daily

Hi! another day of Christmas fun!

here's the spread!

 the left side:
for those of you who sew through thickers: do you have to use a walking foot on your machine? i tried it with my regular presser foot and it ripped some of my letters in half?! the T and the H in the ripped right off. i had to put new letters on and sew over them with a needle and thread. i have not had any good results trying to sew over any cool stuff. boo.

sigh. i love my printer. i have a Selphy and it is one of my top 5 favorite possessions. It makes cute little picture collages like this for me :) 

and some more DD photo ideas:

  • i don't know if your pets do anything silly around the holidays - but my dog loves to bury her treats in blankets or beds, but we don't keep any on the floor for her. so she's decided that the best place to bury stuff is under my tree skirt. >=O
  • do you have any stores that have neat Christmas decorations? I'm thinking the fun neon of Target's decorations will end up in my album. We also have a huge Yankee Candle Company store in Williamsburg that goes Christmas crazy (i mean they have a Christmas wing set up all year long. with toy trains. and it snows. love it!)
  • any silly traditions you feel like starting? My husband and i started one last night. we got chinese takeout and watched A Christmas Story. and i have a surprise date for him tonight. i'm going to drag our mattress into the living room so we can have a pajama party (with a new Christmas movie - i'm going to rent Arthur Christmas from redbox), we'll eat Christmas pancakes for dinner, and then sleep under our Christmas tree!
  • if you're like me and you get a bazillion sale emails every day - take a screen shot to document the shopping frenzy of the season
  • take a picture of a salvation army donation bucket and your thoughts on the bell ringers - i personally love them. never get tired of the bells :)
anyways. that's enough for today. be back tomorrow!


  1. Love this spread and thanks for sharing your ideas for December photos!!

  2. love your page! i think the foam THickers are the hardest to sew through - they do tend to rip. I take my foot off and stitch them :) love your photo ideas - i need to snap a few today!

  3. Wow! Great page. Love how you got so many pics on your page.

  4. Terrific page and lots of ideas Have fun under the tree. Laura.


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