Monday, December 24, 2012

december daily pages

I have a bunch of pictures of my December Daily to share this morning so you might want to grab some coffee (or a delicious diet coke) and settle in :)

first we have December 5:
i surprised Jeff with an at home Christmas date. i dragged the mattress into the living room and we slept under the christmas tree, after we watched christmas movies and ate christmas pancakes for dinner :)

 and the 6th:
Saint Nicholas Day!

 For the 7th i just threw together a collage of some of our favorite Christmas movies

For the 8th i printed off the amazon logo after doing most of my shopping online :)
 For the 9th I baked some cookies (i've been making cookies almost every night this month - but i kept forgetting to take pictures - so i totally baked some just for this page, and then i got a scrapbooking snack!
 Molly got her Christmas haircut on the 10th - and the groomer sprayed her with something that made her smell like gingerbread - i seriously couldn't stop sniffing cute little head for a couple of days!
 and the last day for today's post is December 11th - i stayed up all night addressing the Christmas card envelopes that night :)

Today's the first of our family Christmas celebrations! I'm so excited =D

Have a great day! Happy Christmas Eve!!!


  1. This is so bright and happy, love it! Enjoy your celebrations!

  2. I love your December Daily!! It's like sharing the holidays with you - I miss you!!!


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