Monday, December 3, 2012

december daily page

I have another day to share today!

This is from November 24, when we put up our Christmas tree - usually we put our tree up on black friday - but we were out with family all day on Friday - so it went up that Saturday.
We live alone (just us and our puppy) so my tripod is getting a lot of mileage this holiday season so we can have pictures of us together doing Christmas stuff :)

so here's the spread for the day:
  • i'm still kind of on the fence about my feelings for the 4x6 size. i just have too many great pictures to narrow it down to one 4x6 for an entire day sometimes. so i'll be including inserts like i did for this week. and i might go back to a 6x8 size for next year.
  • i kind of stuck with the color scheme for my album for these pages! yay!

here's the left page: we actually fit all of those ornaments on our tree!
the front of the insert:
all decorating should be done in jammies :)

and the back of the insert with the completed tree!

and some journaling :)

i should have a bunch more pages to share this week - i'm *hoping* to finish up the end of november this week :)
(how bad is it that it's only the 3rd of december and i'm already over a week behind in my DD?!)
have a good one!


  1. This is awesome. I love how you sewed on the seam binding. And a pj party no less :)

  2. All of your pages look amazing! If you aren't already a designer, you should be!!!


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