Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Daily Dec 3 & 4

i just finished addressing all of my christmas card envelopes and my hand hurts!!! but i figured i should go ahead and write my blog post before i go down for the count :)

hope your week started off well. mine certainly did! my dog smells like gingerbread!!! Molly went to the groomer today and got a haircut and a holiday scented bath - i keep sniffing my dog's head! - another bullet point on the long list of why i might need therapy :)
I was at the post office today (in a rather long line full of cranky people) and i wasn't in a *great* mood (having spend 3 hours in traffic earlier that morning to take molly to the groomer!) and i got a lovely reminder of how easy it is to brighten someone's day, especially during the holidays. There was an older gentleman leaving while i was in line who stopped and smiled at everyone, tipped his hat to each lady, and wished every single person a merry christmas. I think it might have been the first merry christmas i've heard this season and it made me smile and put me in a happy holiday mood :)

anyways... i have the 3rd and 4th of December to share this morning :)

The 3rd has some of my favorite pictures from our christmas card photo shoot

here's the left page: just some journaling added in photoshop, a crate paper vellum number, and some sequins stitched on (that are matched up to the sequins on the other side)

the front of the insert: stazon is my bff

the back of the insert: i have been using my sewing machine like it's going out of style. and i like it. :)

and the right page: (this isn't the picture we picked for the christmas card -that actually didn't make the cut for this day - but it's my absolute favorite picture of us this year. i think it'll be the cover page of next year's project life)

and on to the 4th!
we go see this house every year. it always takes my breath away.

left side: POW paper rocks my socks :)

right side: nothing super special about the journaling: splatter, stitching, stamping, sequins, and other bits and pieces :)

that's it for today!
i'll be back on Wednesday with a project life update :)
-have a good one


  1. This is beautiful. I haven't started mine yet because I'm afraid to break into that lovely album, but just reading about your pages gives me courage to start. And that lighted house - OMG?!

    Love the Xmas lights in your photo together :)

  2. So, so cute--the album and you two:) Love it!

  3. Love the photos! Love the twine! AND THAT HOUSE IS AMAZING!!!

  4. I love how your book is coming together. I like my photos and journal ideas but getting board actually making each layout entry. Thanks for sharing. Laurab. Www.whosthischick.com

  5. That house is insane!!! Love the journaling and stamping on the photos.


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