Monday, December 10, 2012

December Daily Dec 1 & 2

Here are my first couple of pages from December :)

here's my divider page for the month - pardon the messy stitching on the bottom - i ran it through my sewing machine after i glued down that big brad - not the best idea :)
i'm on a printable kick right now - most of these are from the december daily class - love them.

and december 1st:
our christmas lights!

the left side: the picture isn't that foggy in the top - i think it's the reflection from my jammies and bathrobe i was wearing when i was taking the picture :)

and the right side: nothing too exciting...

December 2nd:
We went to the Grand Illumination with some friends and it was so pretty!

left page:

front of the insert:
i love sequins. that is all.

the back of the insert:

and the right page:
how do you run sequins through your sewing machine? how do you make them stay? do you glue them down first?! inquiring minds want to know :)
(more bathrobe reflections in this picture...)

thanks for stopping by! I have lots more to share this week :)



  1. Great pages and great pictures! I love the sequins. Sending some snow from Germany to you!

  2. Gorgeous DD-pages. Just enough embellies in my taste! Did you actually emboss on a photo? I didn't know you could do that. I thought the heat would ruin the picture.

  3. Lovely pages!The sequins look beautiful!

  4. These are so pretty! I love the machine sewing around your page protectors!

  5. I love these, can't decide which pages are my favorite, although I really love the sequins!

  6. You have great pictures for the month so far!

  7. What a great start! Fantastic photos!

  8. Great photos. Your album is coming along just great. I love the sequins in the page protector.


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