Wednesday, December 26, 2012

and still more December Daily pages...

hi! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!
Today is my birthday!!! 
(and we're broke and it's pouring rain...)

I have the 17th through the 22nd of December to share with you today!

on the 17th i finally got my Christmas cards mailed out!

on the left side is my stack of ready-to-mail cards:

and on the right is the actual card!:

the 18th (and a few days after that too!) was spent wrapping presents

my mom sent me a package on the 19th and it had this book in it that definitely made me cry

so i typed up the book for the left side

and took a picture of the cover for the right

on the 20th i went to a pinterest craft party with some friends :)

journaling on the left

and picture on the right:

the 21st was payday so i did all of our in-stores christmas shopping then (it was crazy out there!)

a picture of our shopping loot and some journaling:

and jeff wrapping presents! (and burying molly!)

on the 22nd we went to see the Tacky Tour Christmas Lights in Richmond with some friends of ours. ah-mazing!

here's the 4 of us with Santa and Mrs. Claus:

and a collage of the crazy lights on the right side :)

i hope you have a wonderful day today and i should be back tomorrow with some project life or something :)


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

more December Daily Pages

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day!
We spend yesterday with family and today by ourselves  (although we did video chat with my parents during the present opening!) and tonight Jeff and I are going to try cooking Shepherd's Pie (Disney's Raglan Road recipe!)

I have the 12th - the 16th of December to share with you today :)

on the 12th we made cinnamon ornaments! we had so much fun with this!

more pictures taken with the trusty tripod and remote :) - and lookit! i used a photobrush!

i stitched some of the ornaments into a glassine bag with holes poked in so you can smell the yumminess!

and here are our ornaments: we used two different recipes - one with glue (that was really hard to roll and came out that really dark brown and doesn't smell as nice) and one with just the cinnamon and applesauce that was the winner - and we used some of our star wars cookie cutters from williams sonoma and the dough held the detail beautifully :)

Molly has decided that her new bed is under the tree - whenever she isn't underfoot i can find her snuggled up in the tree skirt :)

some words i never thought i'd say: "I. LOVE. SEQUINS!" seriously, i usually mock people that look like they were attacked by a bedazzler - but i'm really digging the sequin trend moving through papercrafting right now :) and i need more!

that love tag is from a gift tag set from target - so cute!

for the 14th we went to see some friends perform at a driveway party at a VERY bright house :)

The Shotgun Blues Brotherhood

crazy house decorations

Starbucks on the 15th

and these are my parents! (my daddy's jolly!)

that's all for today - i should be back tomorrow (on my birthday!!!) with another batch of pictures =D

Monday, December 24, 2012

december daily pages

I have a bunch of pictures of my December Daily to share this morning so you might want to grab some coffee (or a delicious diet coke) and settle in :)

first we have December 5:
i surprised Jeff with an at home Christmas date. i dragged the mattress into the living room and we slept under the christmas tree, after we watched christmas movies and ate christmas pancakes for dinner :)

 and the 6th:
Saint Nicholas Day!

 For the 7th i just threw together a collage of some of our favorite Christmas movies

For the 8th i printed off the amazon logo after doing most of my shopping online :)
 For the 9th I baked some cookies (i've been making cookies almost every night this month - but i kept forgetting to take pictures - so i totally baked some just for this page, and then i got a scrapbooking snack!
 Molly got her Christmas haircut on the 10th - and the groomer sprayed her with something that made her smell like gingerbread - i seriously couldn't stop sniffing cute little head for a couple of days!
 and the last day for today's post is December 11th - i stayed up all night addressing the Christmas card envelopes that night :)

Today's the first of our family Christmas celebrations! I'm so excited =D

Have a great day! Happy Christmas Eve!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

checking in

i have so much to share with you guys! i'm hoping to get some pages and cards and such photographed tomorrow so i can get some pictures up here on the blog :)
I've kept up with my December Daily album so i have the last 15 or so days of that to share with you, i'm still caught up with Project Life so i have the last two weeks of that to share. and I have my Christmas cards done and mailed so as soon as i get some pictures taken i can share all of that!!!
I've finished everything except for a bit of grocery shopping for Christmas so now i'll be able to take the next two weeks easy. Jeff's off until the 2nd for Christmas shutdown and we plan to be hermits as much as possible except for our 3 scheduled outings and our weekend away with family next week :)
I'll be back tomorrow with a proper post :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

project life week 49

good morning. as promised, i've got week 49 to share today. only 3 more weeks left this year!!!

i've already shared most of these pictures in my december daily pages - the 5th and 6th with our christmas jammie date and saint nicholas presents should be up tomorrow - but they made it into project life too :)

again - lots and lots of printables from Geralyn's shoppe. (i'm addicted.)
other than that it's really simple :)

hopefully i'll have a chance to get to some of your blogs to visit today - my computer decided to throw a virus hissy fit again yesterday and was out of commission for most of the day - jeff put another bandaid on it but each time it comes out of it much much worse - counting the days until my dad wipes the whole system clean at the end of the month!

thank you all for your lovely comments this week - i had a truly rotten day yesterday and they really really helped :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Daily Dec 3 & 4

i just finished addressing all of my christmas card envelopes and my hand hurts!!! but i figured i should go ahead and write my blog post before i go down for the count :)

hope your week started off well. mine certainly did! my dog smells like gingerbread!!! Molly went to the groomer today and got a haircut and a holiday scented bath - i keep sniffing my dog's head! - another bullet point on the long list of why i might need therapy :)
I was at the post office today (in a rather long line full of cranky people) and i wasn't in a *great* mood (having spend 3 hours in traffic earlier that morning to take molly to the groomer!) and i got a lovely reminder of how easy it is to brighten someone's day, especially during the holidays. There was an older gentleman leaving while i was in line who stopped and smiled at everyone, tipped his hat to each lady, and wished every single person a merry christmas. I think it might have been the first merry christmas i've heard this season and it made me smile and put me in a happy holiday mood :)

anyways... i have the 3rd and 4th of December to share this morning :)

The 3rd has some of my favorite pictures from our christmas card photo shoot

here's the left page: just some journaling added in photoshop, a crate paper vellum number, and some sequins stitched on (that are matched up to the sequins on the other side)

the front of the insert: stazon is my bff

the back of the insert: i have been using my sewing machine like it's going out of style. and i like it. :)

and the right page: (this isn't the picture we picked for the christmas card -that actually didn't make the cut for this day - but it's my absolute favorite picture of us this year. i think it'll be the cover page of next year's project life)

and on to the 4th!
we go see this house every year. it always takes my breath away.

left side: POW paper rocks my socks :)

right side: nothing super special about the journaling: splatter, stitching, stamping, sequins, and other bits and pieces :)

that's it for today!
i'll be back on Wednesday with a project life update :)
-have a good one
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