Tuesday, November 13, 2012

weeks 44 and 45

 i'm caught up in project life!!!!!!!!!!
(it took almost all year...)

i have the last two weeks to share today and for the rest of the year you should hopefully only get one week at a time :)

so here's week 44:
  • i included all of the pictures of my halloween decorations
  • and yes, that is a picture of a bug fogger box - we've been having flea trouble all year, couldn't keep them off of our dog no matter what we did, and we came home from disney and were immediately swarmed - it makes me itch just thinking about it. so we got home in the middle of the night, woke up early the next morning and went straight to Lowe's for the fogger and some more stuff to kill the fleas in the yard. fun homecoming :)
  • a global shot of hurricane sandy - we didn't get anything more than regular rain (thank goodness!) but Jeff did get an extra day off from work as some of the bridges and  tunnels were under water.
  • yup - i included a picture of disney buying lucasfilms. it's a big deal to my people :)

and week 45:
  • not that much happened this week.
  • i took a screenshot of the election results from cnn.com, edited out a big ad on the right, and stuck my i voted sticker on top :)
  •  another screenshot of video chatting with my momma :)
  • lots and lots of outside housework on sunday - and i forgot to take any pictures (which was just as well since i was powerwashing all day and i still don't think i've dried out yet...) so i took a picture the next day and added the text of the work we did

today i have the lovely luxury of not knowing what i'm going to work on in my studio. it seems like for the last couple months whenever i've been in my studio i've had to work on catching up on project life, so now that i finally have, caught up that is, i can make anything! woohoo!
(anyone else bet that i won't know what to do with myself and will only end up having my day sucked up by pinterest now?)
i suppose that's quite enough rambling for today. have a lovely day!

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  1. yay for being caught up!! i'm still slowly working on mine!


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