Monday, November 12, 2012

two disney project life weeks :)

so i really did mean to post these two weeks last friday, but they took forever to finish! 
for one thing i had way to many pictures (i was merciless about deleting pictures but i still ended up with about 500 good vacation pictures!) and it was really hard to pick which ones i wanted in my PL album. Also - i run out of things to say about vacation pictures so journaling is out of the question.
In the end i just printed a bunch of full sized pictures, stamped on almost all of my pictures like it was going out of style, and added a few little embellishments here and there :)

week 42:

week 42 left page:

insert a:
  • let me just take a second to say how much i love that little stamp in the top picture!

back of insert a:

insert b:

back of insert b:

and the right side of week 42:

aaaaaand on to week 43!:

left side of week 43:

front of the insert:

back of the insert:

and the right side of the week:

see? lots and lots of stamping. but i love it :)
my album makes me super happy and i'm ONLY TWO WEEKS away from being COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP!!!!!! (and both weeks are already printed and just need to be put together and embellished!!!!)

have a great day!

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