Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving recap and crafty excuses

Hello and happy holiday season! it's finally here!
before i move on to Christmas this week i thought i'd share a Thanksgiving recap with y'all :)
also - i had a lovely 4 and 1/2 day weekend with Jeff - which means i didn't get anything crafty done all weekend!
so, here goes!

 today is day 5 of my holiday running streak and i'm still going strong :)
although it's very chilly outside so most of my miles will be on the treadmill - so the only variation i'll have in most of my running feet pictures is my sock color :)

on to Thanksgiving day!
 we went out to eat with family in Virginia Beach at the Founders Inn and Spa - it was lovely 

we got to the restaurant about 30 minutes early so we decided to play around and take some pictures :)
this is my Jeff ❤

and me
 and my feet!

and a leaf pile ready to jump in that we didn't even have to rake ourselves! score!


 us at dinner
which really was delicious, but i've been missing my leftovers - so i think we'll go back to cooking next year
 ok - dinner's over, now it's christmas time!!!!

to finish the day we went to Virginia Beach and drove on the boardwalk for the Christmas lights (i took about 300 pictures!)

very very fun holiday weekend :)

and today should be fun because i'm off to the scrapbook store (which is 3 hours away!) to shop for my Studio Calico Secret Santa!!! (ok, and maybe a *little* for me!)

have a good one!


  1. Way to go on the running! Keep it up! I need to do the same, but am lacking motivation ;)

  2. How cute are you two? Looks like you have a fabulous 4 day weekend. And a cute outfit to boot :)

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I would so jump in a big pile of leaves like that too. Have fun shopping today. :)

  4. Wonderful fall colors and fun photos!


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