Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Project Life week 47

i dislike that this is going up so late in the day - i actually finished this late yesterday afternoon and took my pictures so i could blog early this morning - but when i went to write my post this morning i realized the pictures looked like they were taken in a cave - HUGE difference between the morning and afternoon light in my living room! so i had to wait for the sun to come out so i could take the pictures again :)

and tomorrow's post will be this late too because it's not picture ready yet and i doubt the sun will last until it is :)

anywho, here's last week!

we went out for Thanksgiving dinner and i really wanted to include the menu because i was awesome - but then i didn't have a clue what to do with the other side of the 8 1/2 x 11, so i went with a quick little thanksgiving layout!

*i don't know when i decided that feathers were this year's fall symbol! i blame Studio Calico for not making wood veneer leaves for me!* :)

so here's all of the pages together:

and here's the back of the menu page:
 and another insert!

 and the back of that insert!

yay Christmas lights!
(you'll see these pictures again tomorrow in the first day of my December Daily album!)

and a pocket page with the program and cd soundtrack for the christmas lights:

and the rest of the week:
we live alone so i set the camera up on the tripod and decorated with the camera remote in one hand all night, so glad i did though, love finally having pictures of us decorating!
this spread is going to be in a design A page, with the middle row split up into 3x4s when i get my order next week - for now it's hanging out in a design C and man does it bother me that the 3x4 cards keep sliding around in there!

still caught up!!! yay!
see you tomorrow :)


  1. Great work, it all looks fabulous!

  2. It looks wonderful. I love your layout behind the menu with the wooden feathers. We have our lights up but I made my husband wait on the rest until Saturday so I could officially start and include them in my DD,lol


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