Monday, November 19, 2012

my december daily album!!!

The most wonderful time of the year is definitely upon us!
I'm so excited to share my December Daily album with you today. Seriously. it makes me giddy. The first day after i finished i actually carried it around the house with me so i could look at it... (on second thought, maybe i shouldn't share that here, i should save it for therapy!)
I'll admit that i wasn't sure about the 4x6 size. but i love it!
It should be packed full by the end of the year as i'll start using it this week! I decided to include all of the Christmas stuff from the end of November in it. I went back and forth a bit about how to include it all and if i really wanted it to be a daily thing in december and i decided that i'm going to make two tabbed pages, one for november and one for december and i'm going to include everything Christmas in this little album. I'm definitely going to add something every day in december, and i might start with the daily thing on Thanksgiving (we're going to see the christmas lights on the boardwalk @ VA Beach!) but i'm not sure about the rest of November yet.

Anyways, that's quite enough rambling about that because i'm bursting to show you this!

isn't it pretty!!!
here's the spine:
here's a shot to show you how freakin' SPARKLY this sucker is :)
and another:
(seriously, it has 3 types of glitter sprays on it!)
oh. and the gorgeous wood veneer? i painted those with nail polish!

just to show how crazy i was about masking off the spine for the teal spray painting:
and wouldn't you know that some teal paint still seeped in under my masking tape?!

anyways thank you so much for visiting today and i'll be sharing my intro page and my tabbed month pages later this week :)



  1. Love your cover with all the sparkles!

  2. wow this is amazing, i love it so so much

  3. I just love your cover. I just came over from SC to see how you got your spine teal. So you just spray painted it? Did you just use normal spray paint, or something special? I love the giltter spray too. I wonder if I can find something similar. I will definitely be keeping an eye on what else you do!!

  4. I really like what you did with the cover, so pretty.


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