Monday, November 5, 2012

i'm back :)

 good morning and happy November!
i'm back from all of my traveling for the year and i have a boat load of project life to share with you today :)

let's start back up where we left off, with week 33 :)
this was a double vacation week with lots of great pictures! We spent the week with my family @ a rented house on the river and then we went to stay with my Dad in Maryland to go to The Art of Video Games exhibit @ the Smithsonian. lots of fun :)

here's the whole week together:
 here's the first page, the sun kind of glared funny but that picture of the boathouse on my date card is so vibrant and gorgeous in real life (my cousin's a photographer and took some absolutely lovely pictures on the trip!)

 this is the first side of the insert, lots of stamping this week:
 this is the back of the insert with a few pictures from the weekend in Maryland and DC:

 and this is the last page of the week - i LOVE my zoom lens! the bottom right picture is so cute and i was so far away from Jeff! (my husband's adorable!)

now on to week 34:
  •  i fussy cut the grass around the pic of the lawn mower :)
  • i lost our game of frustration. again.
  • jeff had a new video game to keep him busy while i spent my time with the Doctor :)

 I chopped off all of my hair this week!
Week 35:

 Week 36: This was the last week with my parents before they went back home to CA

 and finally, week 37:
not too many pictures for this week so i printed out the movie poster for finding nemo and added a bunch of journaling :)

and to end on a geeky note, did everybody see the awesome news last week?!?!
Disney bought Lucasfilms!!! Which means Disney owns Star Wars AND Indiana Jones, AND they're planning on making episodes 7, 8, and 9 of Star Wars starting in 2015! Squee!

thanks for stopping by!
lemme know what you think and have a fantastic day!

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