Thursday, November 29, 2012

first batch of days for my december daily!

ok - i'm starting my december (yes, i'm still calling it december - i made that little graphic to say december and i don't want to change it - so it's a december daily!) daily album super early! we started Christmas stuff on Thanksgiving, right after dinner, so my album will go every day from November 22 all the way to December 31. and man is this sucker going to be full - i might need to tone down the dimension at some point but right now it's making me happy!

so here are my first two days in my album

November 22:
(you already saw the album cover and the first page...if you haven't you can click on the December Daily graphic at the top of the post to see all of my December Daily posts for this year!)

so for the left side i had the back of my vellum page to decorate. super simple journaling page - i didn't want to cover up to much of the vellum because i wanted the snowflakes to stay visible :)
(what kind of pen do you use to write on stickers?! i want a good pen - not a marker - about .03 that won't smudge. suggestions?)

for the right side i made a photo collage of the christmas lights on my Selphy and stitched my christmas light beads along the edge of the page protector. :)

 close ups:

and on to November 23:

be honest, are these two pages too weird together? i LOVE both of them individually, but i think the left page might be way to pink! (i don't go for pink often, but when i do, apparently i go crazy with it!) 

i cut the sunburst pattern on my silhouette in the 4 pattern papers and then pieced them together and then did a lot of stitching. totally worth it :)
 and more close ups:

i'm having a hard time trying to decide if i need to redo the left side of this spread; i could save most of it for another day and make something that matches my quilted sunburst page better- share your thoughts!

anywho, have a great day!!!


  1. Love your album, super cute!! Loads of great inspiration to get me started hehe!

  2. Wow! It is beautiful so far! Love the mini sunburst!

  3. Lovely! Good that you adapt it to your needs.

  4. Don't redo it. It looks great. Love the stitched paper ray design.


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