Wednesday, November 21, 2012

December Daily Page 1

I'm back with more of my December Daily album to share with you today!
I finished the front page! (and it took me hours...i *might* need to simplify if i have any hope of finishing the album before Christmas 2013!) I loved the cover of the album so much I definitely felt the pressure to make the first page pretty - and I kind of love it :)

I wanted it to be sturdy so i stitched a vellum sandwich with two vellum pages around a clear transparency page that came in the kit and a remnant of a snowflake hambly overlay from last year. So i have to prettiness of the vellum but i'm not so worried about it curling or tearing on me. I did decide to do my album daily starting on Thanksgiving. I sat down and made a list of all of the Christmas activities I have planned and i decided that i can definitely come up with something everyday. The downside to that is since i'll be cramming an extra 10 days (plus the extra 6 days after Christmas) i decided that the chipboard pages from the album had to go - they were too bulky - and i'll need to order another pack or two of the 4x6 photo sleeves.

so here's my page: - i love the trees painted gold and sparkly with the naked trunk!
 here's a brighter picture of the page:
i so very much wanted a full November stamp to stamp on the tab but all of mine were way too big and none of my alphabet stamps could make it fit either. boo.
and here's a nice dark shot so you can see the snowflake overlay in the middle a bit better :)
happy happy happy!

so look for daily posts from me with my DD pages starting i think on Saturday (i figure if i do an activity on say, Thursday, then i wouldn't get to make the page until Friday, so then on the third day, Saturday, I would actually be able to schedule a morning blog post with it!

any thoughts on blogging during this DD madness? should i add my DD pages to whatever normal blog post i have up for that day (because i have a passel of cards to make and still more project life) or should i keep the posts separate so that later if anyone wants to go through the DD posts, there isn't a ton of clutter?

thanks for stopping by!
lemme know what you think!


Thanks for stopping by! Comments are, as always, much appreciated :)

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