Thursday, November 8, 2012

and yet more project life :)

 today i have two more weeks to share. they were kind of *meh* weeks so the pictures and pages aren't really anything spectacular, they were two weeks in between vacations so we basically stayed at home trying not to spend any money :)

here's week 40:

and week 41:

tomorrow i should be ready to share my next two weeks which are super full of disney fun!

p.s. i'm loving fall so much i couldn't keep the gleeful grin off of my face today when i drove through a spinning whirlwind of leaves on the interstate - my cheeks and jaw are literally tired of smiling too much - anybody else out there overwhelmed by the fun of fall or am i just an oddball? :)

p.p.s. any feedback on the picture size would be awesome - i've been making them extra large this week - is it too big? take too long to load? lemme know!


  1. It was all fine for me.
    Fabulous pages!

  2. This size is great for me - I can read the writing! Great layouts!


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