Tuesday, August 28, 2012

studio tour: my alex drawer unit

hi guys! i'm sorry for going mia on you yesterday and earlier today. i confess, i made some really good progress on my cross stitch this last weekend and i wanted to keep working on it to see how much farther i could get on it. the answer: i finished another entire 8 1/2 x 11 page of the pattern! squeal! (the pattern is a total of 8 full pages and 4 half pages) i'm currently finished with 3 of the full and 1 of the half pages which is pretty nifty considering i started it on my birthday last december 26th. my last cross stitch was only 4 full pages of pattern and it took me about 5 years :)

 anyways, since i did nothing of crafty noteworthy-ness yet this week i decided to start a detailed look at some of my studio organization, i'll try and feature a post in this series once a week. (until i run out of stuff to show - it is a little room that i'm now sharing with my husband!) today i'm sharing my alex drawer unit from ikea. i can't begin to accurately describe how much i love this thing. i wish i had room in my studio for 4 more of them. love it.

so here it is:
it's to my right and behind me as i sit/stand at my desk; i can easily reach it which means that my cameo is always within reach which means that it actually gets used!

bonus shot of my sleepy molly here! she usually sleeps in the most inconvenient places in my studio, for example: right under my feet with her head mushed up against the wheels of my rolling chair, smushed in between my file drawer and my paper bins so that i can't move anything without a cranky puppy, and in front of anything i want to photograph :)

 here's the top drawer:
this has "cameo stuff" it has extra blades, silhouette's fabric ink, my cord, cutting mats, and any notes or other cameo related stuff (except for my vinyl which lives in the closet)
 the next drawer has all of the ink that i still want to own but don't need every day. my papertrey ink, um, ink and my ink essentials are on my desk in my harbor freight spinner and my distress ink is mounted on the wall to my left. this drawer has my adirondack inks, my jenni bowlin inks, my distress stains, and my chalk inks.
 the third drawer down has my papertrey ink felt! all of the rolls are kept neat and tidy with straight pins and the scraps go in that little bin from target. it makes me happy =D
 next we have regular punches and my "other" cropodile, (the good one is easier to reach in a drawer to my left) (does anyone else use this one? it punches the 1/8 and 3/8" corners but mine never seems to cut all the way through and always leaves a mess!?)
 the next drawer down holds my border punches, which i use less and less with my cameo and my papertrey ink dies so handy!
 and the last drawer holds my papertrey ink ribbon. sigh. ain't it purty?! i keep my ribbon spools in this drawer organizer from target. i love them.

well that's it for today! in next week's studio post i'll go over what sits on my desk :)
have a great day!

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