Wednesday, August 8, 2012

right now...

right now i'm...
  •  trying to put together cute "outfits" for my upcoming weekend trip on a very tiny budget. #beingbrokesucks
  • obsessed with and constantly craving egg in a basket. love.
  •  enjoying playing with my new studio calico kit
  •  drinking my favorite tea. it's delicious. go to your barnes and noble cafe and buy a tin. i'll wait :)
  •  way too excited that i actually managed to snag my favorite coffee mug while it was clean and not in use. apparently my fav mug is also everybody's favorite because it's never clean when i want it.
  • not pregnant. we've been trying for 3 months. i'm not stressing though. it'll happen eventually.
  •  in serious need of a haircut. and new sheets that aren't so ugly.
  • excited about spending the entire next week with my husband! we're going on a different-for-us kind of vacation; we're spending the week at a rented house at the river with my extended family. they'll spend most of the time fishing and crabbing probably, but jeff's bringing his playstation3 and tv and i'm bringing my cross stitch and maybe a little bit of scrapbooking stuff. lazy days heaven.
  • listening to call me maybe on repeat. i finally caved and downloaded it two days ago. i can't turn it off.
  • not reading anything. my mom has commandeered my nook this summer so she can read the first two books of the all souls trilogy and catch up in the in death series by jd robb. i am taking my nook back for vacation though and welcome suggestions for books to add before i leave :) i'm leaning towards bossypants by tina fey, the creative habit by twyla tharp, and maybe starting the game of thrones series.
  • wearing my usual, american eagle jeans with the cuffs rolled up a bit (i'm not a shorts person, but i can't stay comfy in summer if my ankles are covered. weird.) and a j crew tshirt.
well that's enough randoms for today. have a good day!

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  1. Fabulous randoms. Goodluck with TTC will come soon just dont stress about it. Our little miracle arrived 9-yrs later.


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