Friday, August 10, 2012

project life weeks 27 and 28

i have some more project life catch up today :)

this will be the cover page of my second album for this year's project life :)
jeff and i dragged out the tripod to the beach a few weekends ago for this shot. i'm so glad he puts up with me.

 here's week 27:
  • love the star confetti for the 4th :)
  • my parents got to virginia (my dad is taking a 2 month long army course a couple hours away from my house and my mom is staying with us)
  • we saw the new spider-man movie. which was awesome.
  • we moved jeff into my studio. it's a little cramped with both of us in here, but we actually fit better than i thought we would :)
  • we went to brunch at opus 9 in williamsburg which is my favorite brunch ever. <3 li="li">
  • i tried out a fun new pedicure i saw on pinterest :)

 and week 28:
  • i painted my bedroom, studio, and our bathroom. and then since the room was already in shambles i decided it was the perfect time to bring home my new expedit shelf from ikea!
  • and of course any trip to ikea includes a delicious lunch of meatballs.
  • we went to visit mom's old dog waldo, he's so cute and sweet and i'm so happy that he does not live here with me. that dog has energy. and he's huge.
  • my mom's birthday was on monday and we started the day with starbucks and a walk @ va beach and ended the day with a chicken marsala dinner :)
  • i love that spiral notebook page die cut from papertrey ink. it's awesome for when i have a lot of journaling i want to type but still want it to look fun. love it.

thanks so much for visiting with me today!


  1. love the cover page! I still have all my weeks (2 page spreads!) in one album. Eek! Going to have to break down and move the second half of the year into a second album. Sigh...


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