Tuesday, August 7, 2012

project life weeks 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26

hiya :)
sorry about flooding my blog with project life pages but i'm almost caught up now!

week 21:
  • i got kind of lazy this week and didn't clean my kitchen for a few days and had to take a picture of the disaster area :)
  • made some more awesome progress on my cross stitch!
  • snapped my favorite picture of molly ever this week, she hardly ever stays still long enough to take pictures :)
  • did a massive purge of my studio and took 4 boxes to my lss to sell at the consignment sale.

week 22:
  • used my new silhouette cameo on this page for fun diecuts =D
  • Jeff made fried spam sandwiches. i should think that's gross but they're kind of delicious.
  • got a huge pile of copics with my money from the scrapbook consignment sale
  • love the colors on this page, gray, yellow, and teal make me happy
  • i took kerri bradford's silhouette class and now i can weld shapes into frames to make my own pl frames!
 week 23:
  • look. at. my. hydrangea! isn't it gorgeous!?
  • i was a slacker and waited until the last day to pay local taxes. the line was long.
  • my mom went out with some friends and texted me pictures of it in the middle of the night. apparently time differences don't seem important when you're out drinking ;)
  • s'mores on the grill are delicious.
  • sorry for the half naked picture of jeff. molly is definitely a mama's girl and hardly ever snuggles jeff so i had to snap a picture of them.
  • studio calico happy mail. love it. i'm not the only one that collects the "packed by" business cards from my boxes right?
  • more running quotes make me happy :)
 week 24:
  • my friend sherrie came over one day to scrapbook (she's looking at my pl album in this picture. it's like inception, it's an album within an album...)
  • i taught a card class this week :)
  • Jeff and I started (and finished) watching Game of Thrones Season 1 this week. now i have to go get the books. (i love the big bang theory picture with sheldon on the throne! squeal!)
  • My Dad and Rosalie came down this weekend and we went to a movie (Prometheus) and then out to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise (delicious)
  • and they brought us cupcakes. i love them. (the people, not the cupcakes. well... ok i love the cupcakes too.)
 week 25:
  • my dad got me my silhouette cameo as a super early christmas present!!!! (this came like two days after they came down and brought me cupcakes. he's racking up points this month :)
  • i wanted a picture for my album of my cameo, but nobody else was home and i was not going to wait all day to open that sucker, so i hauled out my tripod and took some pictures with my remote. and then since the tripod was out, i dragged molly outside for some pictures. my neighbors might think i'm odd. :)
  • Jeff and i finger painted a canvas together this week. it was fun but i didn't plan the colors well and now i don't know where to put it.
  • Jeff got some Marvel Legos. his favorite character is Deadpool and he was super excited to find him in a lego set.
  • I love chipotles.
  • we went to see brave and abraham lincoln vampire hunter. brave was great. abraham lincoln not so much.
 week 26:
  • another dinner with my dad and rosalie this week. we went to rockafeller's in virginia beach.
  • my mom and dad went to disneyland and texted me some pictures from the new cars land
  • this is the end of the first album for this year. it was getting pretty full so i decided to separate the year into two albums :)

have a great day!
and thank all of y'all for your sweet comments this week. i decided i would try really hard to blog monday - saturday for the entire month of august and see if i could turn blogging into more of a habit. it really helps to keep my motivation up when i know that somebody is seeing my posts and reading some of my rambling so i just wanted to say thank you and that i really appreciate you. :)

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