Wednesday, August 29, 2012

project life week 32

hi! today i'm up with another week of project life
this week was done on vacation so i was working with limited supplies :)

week 32:
  • not too much to say about this week... it was jeff's birthday
  • i've made more progress on my cross stitch since this picture, but it doesn't look as impressive as i finally had to turn the frame after this picture was taken
  • we went out for a birthday dinner at ninja sushi. i love that place.
  • jeff got all of his "weapons" ready for vacation (although the lightsaber thankfully stayed at home) so he could battle with my cousins :)
  • my sweet nephew is 1 year and 7 months old now. the cutie-pie.
  • we went out to dinner with jeff's old roommate and it went surprisingly well.
  • i had to restock a bunch of my bliss products. i find that they last a lot longer than some of the cheaper products i use - and i love them - so i think the price evens out in the end. but i still get a crazy sticker shock when it's time to resupply
  • and last but not least mom and i went out for yummy ice cream :)

that's all for today (as i'm frantically trying to finish writing this post before bedtime so i can schedule it to go up in the am!)

have a great day!

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