Thursday, August 30, 2012

feel better blend!

i'm hoping to get lots of crafty work done today on project life and some cards and such for submission calls, but unfortunately, the weather is lovely for the first day after about two weeks of rain and yardwork needs to be done. hopefully i'll still have some energy after i finish taking care of the dumb grass! #homeownerproblems :)

so here's my card i'm sharing today. super clean and simple get well card but i like it :)

thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think!
i'm off to attack the grass now, have a great day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

project life week 32

hi! today i'm up with another week of project life
this week was done on vacation so i was working with limited supplies :)

week 32:
  • not too much to say about this week... it was jeff's birthday
  • i've made more progress on my cross stitch since this picture, but it doesn't look as impressive as i finally had to turn the frame after this picture was taken
  • we went out for a birthday dinner at ninja sushi. i love that place.
  • jeff got all of his "weapons" ready for vacation (although the lightsaber thankfully stayed at home) so he could battle with my cousins :)
  • my sweet nephew is 1 year and 7 months old now. the cutie-pie.
  • we went out to dinner with jeff's old roommate and it went surprisingly well.
  • i had to restock a bunch of my bliss products. i find that they last a lot longer than some of the cheaper products i use - and i love them - so i think the price evens out in the end. but i still get a crazy sticker shock when it's time to resupply
  • and last but not least mom and i went out for yummy ice cream :)

that's all for today (as i'm frantically trying to finish writing this post before bedtime so i can schedule it to go up in the am!)

have a great day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

studio tour: my alex drawer unit

hi guys! i'm sorry for going mia on you yesterday and earlier today. i confess, i made some really good progress on my cross stitch this last weekend and i wanted to keep working on it to see how much farther i could get on it. the answer: i finished another entire 8 1/2 x 11 page of the pattern! squeal! (the pattern is a total of 8 full pages and 4 half pages) i'm currently finished with 3 of the full and 1 of the half pages which is pretty nifty considering i started it on my birthday last december 26th. my last cross stitch was only 4 full pages of pattern and it took me about 5 years :)

 anyways, since i did nothing of crafty noteworthy-ness yet this week i decided to start a detailed look at some of my studio organization, i'll try and feature a post in this series once a week. (until i run out of stuff to show - it is a little room that i'm now sharing with my husband!) today i'm sharing my alex drawer unit from ikea. i can't begin to accurately describe how much i love this thing. i wish i had room in my studio for 4 more of them. love it.

so here it is:
it's to my right and behind me as i sit/stand at my desk; i can easily reach it which means that my cameo is always within reach which means that it actually gets used!

bonus shot of my sleepy molly here! she usually sleeps in the most inconvenient places in my studio, for example: right under my feet with her head mushed up against the wheels of my rolling chair, smushed in between my file drawer and my paper bins so that i can't move anything without a cranky puppy, and in front of anything i want to photograph :)

 here's the top drawer:
this has "cameo stuff" it has extra blades, silhouette's fabric ink, my cord, cutting mats, and any notes or other cameo related stuff (except for my vinyl which lives in the closet)
 the next drawer has all of the ink that i still want to own but don't need every day. my papertrey ink, um, ink and my ink essentials are on my desk in my harbor freight spinner and my distress ink is mounted on the wall to my left. this drawer has my adirondack inks, my jenni bowlin inks, my distress stains, and my chalk inks.
 the third drawer down has my papertrey ink felt! all of the rolls are kept neat and tidy with straight pins and the scraps go in that little bin from target. it makes me happy =D
 next we have regular punches and my "other" cropodile, (the good one is easier to reach in a drawer to my left) (does anyone else use this one? it punches the 1/8 and 3/8" corners but mine never seems to cut all the way through and always leaves a mess!?)
 the next drawer down holds my border punches, which i use less and less with my cameo and my papertrey ink dies so handy!
 and the last drawer holds my papertrey ink ribbon. sigh. ain't it purty?! i keep my ribbon spools in this drawer organizer from target. i love them.

well that's it for today! in next week's studio post i'll go over what sits on my desk :)
have a great day!

Friday, August 24, 2012

butterfly party

as promised here is the butterfly party ensemble i made for my next class. :)
i love it.
it's just so cute and textured! i've been on a serious text background kick lately, everything looks better with a monochromatic text background :)

i used my martha stewart fringe scissors to make the grass after i stamped it, and then i took my regular scissors to the grass like a mad scientist hair stylist, to give it some grass-y character. green confetti now covers my studio.
thanks for stopping by!
have a great weekend :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

project life weeks 30 and 31

yesterday's bad day gloom has finally worn off and today is turning out lovely :)
i checked several things off of my to-do list this morning, the sun is shining, it's not too hot (i can almost see fall on the horizon!!! i can't wait to decorate my house for autumn but jeff said i should wait until september actually gets here, so i'm trying to hang on for one more week!), my studio is clean, my house is clean-ish. good day.

here are two more weeks of project life =D
i did these while i was on vacation at the river with only two tote bags of supplies, so they're not super embellished or polished, but they'll do.

week 30:
  • love that circle washi tape for the olympics :)
  • this is the picture i took of me and jeff for the cover of my 2nd pl album this year. still love it.
  • my mom, our friend sherrie, and i went to alexandria this week and i snapped some pictures of us, what we ate, and some of the cute shops we visited. i was tickled to dig through my old friendship-bracelet-making thread cache and realize i had the exact shade of thread to match several of my papertrey ink colors!
  • new papertrey ink happy mail makes me happy.
  • we had to cut down a big chunk of our tree after a bunch of branches broke during a storm (but they didn't have the good manners to break off completey - there was still a bunch of cutting and sawing for us - although on second thought i'd rather have to climb the ladder and saw them off than have them hit my house...)
  • lots of studio calico printables, i printed a bunch of sheets off and cut them up on vacation.

 week 31:
  • i pinned a bunch of outfits on pinterest this week so i decided to print some of my favorites off and add them in
  • i love cute business cards, it makes me happy to include them here
  • made the yummiest summer salad this week, spinach leaves, cherries, blueberries, craisins, glazed walnuts, grilled chicken, and a pomegranate dressing. yum.
  • my molly puppy is such a lady :)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


kind of sucked...

so i'll be back tomorrow with a real post.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

party time :)

happy tuesday!
  today i'm sharing this little party ensemble i made for a sailboat themed birthday party :)
i used papertrey ink dies and stamps with some baker's twine and studio calico mist splatter and i love how it turned out!
this set will be part of my next class , we'll be making this ensemble and a pretty little set for a butterfly party (i'll share that later this week)

 in other news, i'm having a heckuva time narrowing down my pictures from last week to do my project life spread. between the week at the river and the weekend of sightseeing in dc i have a couple hundred pictures. i ruthlessly went through and deleted a bunch, but that only brought my total down to about 70. yikes. i might have to get a coin holder page protector and just print a ton of itty bitty pictures to fill it up as an insert :)

and since i've been lacking motivation since i got back home, (aka i've been wasting all of my time bopping around blogland and pinterest) i'll sign off with a little kick in the pants i found on my pinterest quotes board :)
have a good one!


Monday, August 20, 2012

project life week 29 and a quick vacation recap

i spent last week unplugged from the world. (not actually by choice) Jeff and I spent the week with some of my extended family at a rented house on the river and had a fantastically wonderful time (aside from the complete lack of internet!) kind of wish we could spend the next couple of weeks there.
I crabbed, fished a teensy bit (as in i just reeled in a line for my aunt, i wasn't particularly interested in fishing on my own!), scrapbooked (and caught up with my Project Life album!), read, tanned, went out in the boat,  played games with my family, and ate. alot. my aunt did all of the cooking and it was lovely to be spoiled all week.
after the week at the river we went to stay with my dad in Maryland and we spent Saturday at the Smithsonian for the Video Game Art Exhibit (which was kind of awesome) and we stopped off at the air and space museum (which is always a little torturous to me. *yawn*). We finished off the weekend with a lovely dinner and a fantastic performance of Sweeney Todd. loved it :)

here's week 29
  • i used the border stamp from the SC mama's porch add on as a template to stitch. kind of love it and i'm sure i'll be doing it again.
  • i wish i could wear hats with confidence. i love how they look but i feel like a goofy poser if i try to wear them myself :)
  • sorry about the rock star flipping the bird.
  • that really is the best sticky bun ever. the top is pure southern pralines. it's delicious.


Friday, August 10, 2012

project life weeks 27 and 28

i have some more project life catch up today :)

this will be the cover page of my second album for this year's project life :)
jeff and i dragged out the tripod to the beach a few weekends ago for this shot. i'm so glad he puts up with me.

 here's week 27:
  • love the star confetti for the 4th :)
  • my parents got to virginia (my dad is taking a 2 month long army course a couple hours away from my house and my mom is staying with us)
  • we saw the new spider-man movie. which was awesome.
  • we moved jeff into my studio. it's a little cramped with both of us in here, but we actually fit better than i thought we would :)
  • we went to brunch at opus 9 in williamsburg which is my favorite brunch ever. <3 li="li">
  • i tried out a fun new pedicure i saw on pinterest :)

 and week 28:
  • i painted my bedroom, studio, and our bathroom. and then since the room was already in shambles i decided it was the perfect time to bring home my new expedit shelf from ikea!
  • and of course any trip to ikea includes a delicious lunch of meatballs.
  • we went to visit mom's old dog waldo, he's so cute and sweet and i'm so happy that he does not live here with me. that dog has energy. and he's huge.
  • my mom's birthday was on monday and we started the day with starbucks and a walk @ va beach and ended the day with a chicken marsala dinner :)
  • i love that spiral notebook page die cut from papertrey ink. it's awesome for when i have a lot of journaling i want to type but still want it to look fun. love it.

thanks so much for visiting with me today!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


having one of those days. i'll spare you the rant, but just know that nothing is going as planned today.

here's a cute and quick thank you card with some dies, woodgrain, and mist splatter :)

really really loving gray and aqua together, i would love to cover my entire house in it but jeff "doesn't like gray" (how did i marry someone who doesn't love the color gray?!?!)

have a great day :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

right now...

right now i'm...
  •  trying to put together cute "outfits" for my upcoming weekend trip on a very tiny budget. #beingbrokesucks
  • obsessed with and constantly craving egg in a basket. love.
  •  enjoying playing with my new studio calico kit
  •  drinking my favorite tea. it's delicious. go to your barnes and noble cafe and buy a tin. i'll wait :)
  •  way too excited that i actually managed to snag my favorite coffee mug while it was clean and not in use. apparently my fav mug is also everybody's favorite because it's never clean when i want it.
  • not pregnant. we've been trying for 3 months. i'm not stressing though. it'll happen eventually.
  •  in serious need of a haircut. and new sheets that aren't so ugly.
  • excited about spending the entire next week with my husband! we're going on a different-for-us kind of vacation; we're spending the week at a rented house at the river with my extended family. they'll spend most of the time fishing and crabbing probably, but jeff's bringing his playstation3 and tv and i'm bringing my cross stitch and maybe a little bit of scrapbooking stuff. lazy days heaven.
  • listening to call me maybe on repeat. i finally caved and downloaded it two days ago. i can't turn it off.
  • not reading anything. my mom has commandeered my nook this summer so she can read the first two books of the all souls trilogy and catch up in the in death series by jd robb. i am taking my nook back for vacation though and welcome suggestions for books to add before i leave :) i'm leaning towards bossypants by tina fey, the creative habit by twyla tharp, and maybe starting the game of thrones series.
  • wearing my usual, american eagle jeans with the cuffs rolled up a bit (i'm not a shorts person, but i can't stay comfy in summer if my ankles are covered. weird.) and a j crew tshirt.
well that's enough randoms for today. have a good day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

project life weeks 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26

hiya :)
sorry about flooding my blog with project life pages but i'm almost caught up now!

week 21:
  • i got kind of lazy this week and didn't clean my kitchen for a few days and had to take a picture of the disaster area :)
  • made some more awesome progress on my cross stitch!
  • snapped my favorite picture of molly ever this week, she hardly ever stays still long enough to take pictures :)
  • did a massive purge of my studio and took 4 boxes to my lss to sell at the consignment sale.

week 22:
  • used my new silhouette cameo on this page for fun diecuts =D
  • Jeff made fried spam sandwiches. i should think that's gross but they're kind of delicious.
  • got a huge pile of copics with my money from the scrapbook consignment sale
  • love the colors on this page, gray, yellow, and teal make me happy
  • i took kerri bradford's silhouette class and now i can weld shapes into frames to make my own pl frames!
 week 23:
  • look. at. my. hydrangea! isn't it gorgeous!?
  • i was a slacker and waited until the last day to pay local taxes. the line was long.
  • my mom went out with some friends and texted me pictures of it in the middle of the night. apparently time differences don't seem important when you're out drinking ;)
  • s'mores on the grill are delicious.
  • sorry for the half naked picture of jeff. molly is definitely a mama's girl and hardly ever snuggles jeff so i had to snap a picture of them.
  • studio calico happy mail. love it. i'm not the only one that collects the "packed by" business cards from my boxes right?
  • more running quotes make me happy :)
 week 24:
  • my friend sherrie came over one day to scrapbook (she's looking at my pl album in this picture. it's like inception, it's an album within an album...)
  • i taught a card class this week :)
  • Jeff and I started (and finished) watching Game of Thrones Season 1 this week. now i have to go get the books. (i love the big bang theory picture with sheldon on the throne! squeal!)
  • My Dad and Rosalie came down this weekend and we went to a movie (Prometheus) and then out to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise (delicious)
  • and they brought us cupcakes. i love them. (the people, not the cupcakes. well... ok i love the cupcakes too.)
 week 25:
  • my dad got me my silhouette cameo as a super early christmas present!!!! (this came like two days after they came down and brought me cupcakes. he's racking up points this month :)
  • i wanted a picture for my album of my cameo, but nobody else was home and i was not going to wait all day to open that sucker, so i hauled out my tripod and took some pictures with my remote. and then since the tripod was out, i dragged molly outside for some pictures. my neighbors might think i'm odd. :)
  • Jeff and i finger painted a canvas together this week. it was fun but i didn't plan the colors well and now i don't know where to put it.
  • Jeff got some Marvel Legos. his favorite character is Deadpool and he was super excited to find him in a lego set.
  • I love chipotles.
  • we went to see brave and abraham lincoln vampire hunter. brave was great. abraham lincoln not so much.
 week 26:
  • another dinner with my dad and rosalie this week. we went to rockafeller's in virginia beach.
  • my mom and dad went to disneyland and texted me some pictures from the new cars land
  • this is the end of the first album for this year. it was getting pretty full so i decided to separate the year into two albums :)

have a great day!
and thank all of y'all for your sweet comments this week. i decided i would try really hard to blog monday - saturday for the entire month of august and see if i could turn blogging into more of a habit. it really helps to keep my motivation up when i know that somebody is seeing my posts and reading some of my rambling so i just wanted to say thank you and that i really appreciate you. :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Project Life weeks 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20

lots of pictures today but not so chatty as my friend is about 10 minutes away from my house and i'm teaching a card making class this morning :)

here's weeks 16-20 of my project life :)

all of this week's pictures are from the weekend we went up to maryland for my sister-in-law's lovely wedding and my dad's birthday
 the left page:
 right side of the insert:
 left side of the insert: (i want to go back in time and have a photo booth at my wedding!)
 and the right side of the spread:
 week 17 (check out the progress on my cross stitch!)
 week 18 (i only noticed the fly on the avengers insert while i was cropping the picture this morning. oops)
 week 19
the left side: we went out for sushi for our anniversary <3 br="br">
 the insert: i stamped the pretty gradient chevron pattern and the silverware! love it :)
 and week 20: (i finally got my harbor freight spinning tray and i raised my desk up to be a standing desk :)

thanks for stopping by! have a great day!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

project life album cover page and weeks 8, 13, 14, and 15 :)

hello and happy saturday!
today i'm checking in with some more project life catch up posting.
it took me forever to pick the picture for my album cover page, this one was taken at the end of february and i just love how it turned out :)
week 8 took forever to finish because i had to do some extra budgeting to be able to order my race pictures from my princess half marathon race for the inserts. i love disney pages. 
week 13 is a little embarrassing. absolutely nothing happened.
week 14 was easter with lots of stamping, splattering, and some stitching.
and last but not least, week 15 was super colorful with some amy tangerine paper and embellishments. and delicious donuts. and baby snuggling. (and a picture of me working on project life the actual day i started it!)

i have lots more pages to share next week, i've got up to week 28 photographed and ready to blog so i'll be back with more on monday :)
have a great weekend!

my cover page for my project life 2012 volume 1 album
 here's the whole spread for week 8:
 the left side page:
 right side of the first insert:
 left side of the first insert:
 right side of the second insert:
 left side of the second insert:
 right side page:
 week 13: aside from going out to eat once, absolutely nothing happened this week. seriously.
 week 14:
 week 15:

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