Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Make it Monday

I went with a pretty simple and quick design for my card for this week's make it monday challenge.
The challenge was to create a masked off sentiment (which is a go-to design for me for single layer cards!)
I saw some pretty turquoise woodgrain on a kraft background one of the last times i was flipping through a paper source catalog and i guess it stuck with me because that was the color and stamp scheme that immediately jumped in my head for this challenge :)

instead of drawing lines to define my masked area i scored some pretty embossed lines, it still clearly defines the difference between the stamped and masked areas, but it's a little subtle at the same time (or at least it seems that way to me!)

i spent a little more time on the inside and envelope since the front of the card is so simple.

so here's the whole ensemble:

 the card front:

the inside:
(i'll be honest, when i stamped the sentiment on the front the first time it was crazy crooked, so i just folded the card inside out to remake the front, which was fine, until the rest of the card was perfect and i had a messed up inside, so i had to cover it up with a cardstock panel. i still really wanted the inside to be kraft, but i wanted it to stand out a little, so i tucked the little hawaiian shores pinked edge panel behind it to make it pop)
and here's the front of the envelope.

so tomorrow will be a super exciting day here in my studio... my Cameo is being delivered!!!!!!
i'm so so so excited about it, i know i'll be peeking out my window any time i hear a truck outside all morning. (at least i hope it will just be the morning, i don't know if it's coming fedex, usps, or ups...fedex usually comes pretty early, usps comes between 2-4 usually, and ups sometimes comes as late as 8!!!! {please oh please don't get here that late Cameo!}) My Dad decided to be extremely nice and ordered the cameo for me as an early Christmas present after i couldn't get it from my lss and the last consignment sale (grrrr...long story). Can't wait!

thanks for stopping by!

have a great night!





Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project Life Weeks 10 & 11

I'm working on catching up on my Project Life posting. I'm working on week 20 today, so i'm not that far behind :)
Anywho, I had absolutely no pictures for week 10, lots (and i mean lots) of filler (in case you couldn't tell from my three panels of ribbon lol)


I've noticed i don't end up with many pictures that i thought i would when i started this. I figured my album would have lots of holiday pictures, i'm starting to realize that i don't generally take "holiday pictures", i think that most of my pictures are of food, but i expect that will change after i have kids :)

this week I went to the Pioneer Woman book signing in VA Beach. I included a picure of some of my favorite pins on pinterest for some filler.

now on to some random blathering :)
  • our lawnmower is broken, which gives me a break from dreaded yardwork, but i really hope Jeff fixes it soon as we've already received our only written warning about our weeds for the year, and if the city thinks they're too tall again, they'll just cut them for us and charge us later. yikes.
  • my hydrangea bush is blooming beautifully. love it. jeff and i planted it together right after we got married (hydrangeas were our wedding flowers) and it's grown so much in 3 years ♥
  • Yesterday was not my day to deal with technology, within an hour my silhouette blade decided that it was dull and will not cut anything else ever again (and i definitely can't afford a replacement right now) and my printer stopped working completely and would only eat my paper. lovely. (jeff did fix my printer last night, but nothing we can do about the silhouette right now)
  • the best of all news, my mom and dad are going to be in virginia for two months this summer! they moved to california last summer but my dad has a class to take @ fort lee and since the class is so long my momma's going to come over with him and spend some time with me! so excited
  • for you fellow Calvin and Hobbes fans, This blog has 4 fan created comic strips with a grown up calvin and it's awesome. (to see all 4 just scroll down to the bottom and click newer entries. you're welcome. (PS the blog is called pants are overrated, i promise that it's calvin and hobbes, not porn!) :)
  • one last thing, if you're loving that sunburst hexagon diecut in this month's Studio Calico kit, you can make your own with a diecut hexagon (if you have an *ahem* working silhouette) or the hexagon mistables from last month, a little bit of eclipse masking tape, and the Boss Lady Mister Huey's :)

ok, enough for now, have a great day!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Make it Monday

This week's Make it Monday Challenge is to use one of the inspiration sketches to make a card. Sketches usually aren't my favorite thing, but I really liked this one. I decided to make my flaps fold back on my card like Nichole did with hers.

Here's the front of my card:
disclaimer: this is the result of at least 5 attempts, it took a few tries to make it look how i wanted it to :)


and here's the inside of my card:
i always stamp the inside and a coordinating envelope, i've seen lots of questions on some message boards about how people decorate the insides so i decided to start sharing mine here :)

and the envelope:

Here's the sketch i used:

i have no idea where my rhinestone brads are from, maybe sei?

Thanks for stopping by!

I'll be back tomorrow with a Project Life post and some random blathering :) 

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