Tuesday, May 22, 2012

project life week 7 and 9

hi! I have week 7 and week 9 from my project life to share today. (Week 8 will have to wait as i ordered some pictures from my half marathon and am still waiting on them.)

Week 7 was incredibly dull and i didn't have any pictures but i knew i wanted weeks 8 and 9 to be double spreads, so i stretched 7 out into a double to make them all fit right.

 Here's the double spread of Week 7

the right side: with lots of filler. We had a "picnic by the fire" with the fireplace video on netflix, so i took a screen capture of that on my laptop. The other picture is one of my favorites from our wedding.

the left side ended up being a hodgepodge of pictures of us (mostly at disney, that seems to be the main place where we get good pictures of the two of us together...) and i cut down a pretty card i'd made earlier this year.

Week 9 is a big Disney week with two inserts and lots of pictures :)

The left page:
  • I die cut the date out of vellum with my silhouette using my favorite disney font (looking at it now i can't imagine why i went so dark with it...)
  • I added some pretty sequins to the parade picture.
  • I learned you don't need a fastenator to use the fastenator staples, just put a foam mouse pad under your paper and push the staple things through and then use a bone folder to fold the edges over. Useful knowledge since i've never used my disney fastenators but had long since gotten rid of the tool :)
  • Isn't that the prettiest shepherd's pie ever? It's definitely Jeff's favorite and i found a recipe for it here that i'm excited to make for him.

 The first insert is all about leap day.
  • we bought leap day shirts at disney (and they glow in the dark!)
  • Had to add the super cute disney button they were handing out @ the park.
  • i've been collecting my mickey confetti from every special occasion we've had at the parks (they sprinkle it on the tables sometimes for celebrations, and we got an envelope full of it with one of our magic moments certificates)  and i used some of it here with my fireworks pictures
  • and yes, corn dog nuggets really are delicious and epic. next time you're in the magic kingdom stop at casey's corner, it's the last shop on the left side of mainstreet as you're walking towards the castle. you're welcome. :)

side b of the leap day insert:
  • close ups of our shirts while we were waiting in line for *ahem* more corn dog nuggets...
  • we discovered the sorcerer's of the magic kingdom game this week and spent most of our vacation playing it. I wouldn't recommend it to people new to the disney parks, but for those of us that have been going for years it was fun to do something new, but we got so caught up in the game that we hardly rode anything this week. It was also fun chatting up all of the other people in line for the game, we love fellow disney nerds!
  • sorry about that tangent about the game, what i should have said is i included some pictures of us playing it and i cut up one of our duplicate cards to include :)

the 2nd insert:
  • you get a map of the "magic portals" when you sign up for the sorcerer's game, i cut one of our maps up to include the map of fantasyland (the game currently takes you to adventureland, frontierland, fantasyland, and mainstreet)

side b:
  • we got to go to a pre-screening of john carter at hollywood studios this week
  • i have absolutely no pictures of it, they were very serious about no cameras allowed. we had to check all cameras, phones, and recording devices before we got to go in the building, and then we had to go through security. after the movie we saw a woman that had picked her phone back up ask a security guard if she could get a picture with the movie poster and they wouldn't even let her do that. crazy.
  • so i have this print that they gave all of us at the screening :)
 last page for week 9
  • another john carter postcard (it was actually advertising the new vinylmation figures, but i cut those off because they're ugly. true story.)
  • shrimp and grits are delicious. don't knock it till you've tried it.
  • sorcerer mickey has been missing from fantasmic for our past couple disney trips which makes Jeff very cranky as it's his favorite part of the show. so we were very happy to see him back on top of the mountain for the finale.

 thanks for stopping by!
and if you read even 1/4 of my rambling give yourself a pat on the back, you're very patient :)



  1. Pat on the back to me! I enjoy your ramblings, and also, as always, your layouts!

  2. Wow! There is a lot of eye candy in this post. And, PS, I am totally totally jealous of you being at Disney on leap day!!! I wanted to do that so badly. Sigh. Where did you get the disney font? It looks great here.

  3. Looks fantastic! I'll have to borrow some ideas from your Week 7 fillers! Love the variety!

  4. I always love seeing all of your creative ideas on this blog, Becky! I am loving these pages!


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