Thursday, April 19, 2012

make it monday

This week's make it monday challenge from papertrey ink is a two card challenge. The challenge is to make a single layer card and then "step it up" with some layers. I actually worked backwards on this and made the layered one first and then threw the single layer card together about 5 minutes ago :)
My sister-in-law is getting married this weekend so I really needed a pretty wedding card, but now i can't decide which card i like better!

here's my single layer:

and my layered card:
(i almost broke my vagabond trying to cut that lace background out! i used a lighter weight paper than pti cardstock, and i kept trying to run it through with extra layers to make it cut all the way through, it eventually took my cutting mats and 5 layers of the cardstock to make it cut, but my vagabond stalled out in the middle of it so i don't think i'll be doing that again.)

anyhow, i have a ton of other projects to get to right now, i have to finish getting ready for the wedding and i have some stuff to finish up for my dad's birthday this weekend too.
no time to post all of my supplies but if you have a question about anything i used, just leave it in the comments and i'll try to answer you soon!
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  1. I love the layered card! Why did the vagabond have trouble cutting out the lace?

  2. So sorry about the Vagabond thing! Sounds bad-but your cards are awesome! Hope your weekend goes well!

  3. Lovely! Glad you didn't break your Vagabond. Good job getting that Lace die all the way cut out though! :)


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