Tuesday, January 17, 2012

make it monday!

Happy 2012 :)

I finally got back into the swing of things in my studio today with this week's make it monday challenge. (it's actually the first thing i've made this year! the internet is way too distracting!)

This week's challenge is to try "ghost masking"...loving this technique!

(ps how clear and crisp is this picture?! i took it with my fantastical birthday present: my canon rebel! it's my first DSLR and i'm LOVING it!!!!)

i'll keep this short and sweet tonight because i want to get back to stamping while i'm feeling crafty and distraction free :)

let me know what you think and have a good one!




  1. I think you did a wonderful job on your card! Love the sentiment and how you placed it in the mask area. One of my favourite color combos as well. Yes your picture is very clear. Lovely gift =)

  2. great card! So many interesting elements, and love the ghost masking technique!

  3. Wonderful card! Love anything with that medallion! Congrats on your new gift!

  4. I love the combo of Vintage labels and Mendhi Medallion! Would have never thought to put those two together, but they're a perfect pair.


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