Monday, April 25, 2011

My Studio!!!

My studio is fairly organized (and clean!) so i figured it was about time for a tour :)
I took a few pictures and then i filmed a little video walkthrough (it was my first video ever so forgive me for all of my "umm"s and for the less than stellar quality!)

this is the view from the door looking in at my desk
the shelves directly across from desk
and looking out towards the hallway
and here's the video

thank you so much for stopping by! i'd love to know what you think!


  1. Oh my! it's so organised and love your scrap room! Oh I like to know where do you get the tool organiser sitting on the table? been trying to find one :) tfs! It's awesome room! love it!

  2. I just love the organization in your room! A place for everything, but not so sterile that you don't feel creative in it. A warm, happy place to create all the wonderful things you make. Come help me with mine!!

  3. Holy cow, Beckynoelle, I'm so very impressed with your organization! A space for everything and everything in its place. Thanks for taking us on this tour. :)

  4. Love your space. I'm always amazed at how organized some people are. Hope you'll come to my blog and take a look at mine.

    New follower - Hope you'll be one of mine as well.
    Shawna Rae

  5. So fun to see you featured on the CK blog!!!!

  6. I adored your video, I always love to see what other peoples rooms are like...fantastic! Hugs!

  7. What a wonderful room!!! Love the organization as we do some of the same things.........Great minds think alike!

  8. Beautiful room! I think you did a fantastic job with your video! I didn't hear one um at all! :)

  9. WOW! What an amazing room. My mouth dropped when I saw how many PTI stamps you have! When can I come to visit? Hehe. :) Love your blog!


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