Thursday, January 21, 2010

yummy brunch!

I had some friends over for brunch today and i finally got to use my ebelskiver pan!
I made ebelskivers with spiced apple filling
(ebelskivers are a type of Danish round pancake usually with a filling)

very yummy

here's the pan with the batter

the finished pancakes

from left to right: Iwalani, Yvonne, Wendy, & my Mom (Clara)

I really want to get started making some cards and layouts because that's really all i plan to do for the next few days, but i have to clean my desk first, it's piled high with paper and stamps that need to be cleaned :)


so i should be posting some fabulous creations later today after i've sorted through the mess :)

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  1. The ebelskivers were soooo tasty! I can think of so many things to try as fillings. We all really enjoyed being there with you.


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