Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 178 - Back to School...

I got a little cranky when i read today's challenge at 365 cards, it was to make a back to school card, which makes today my 4th back to school card this month lol

I didn't want to make this one like the other 3 so i decided to center it around school supply shopping (back to school time is my favorite shopping time all year lol, i LOVE school supplies lol)
(is there a single scrapbooker/card maker who doesn't love school supplies?)

oh, btw, i MADE the pencil and eraser out of paper, how awesome is that?!
(yeah, i get a little cocky when i'm excited lol)

Patterned Paper: Green Apples - Creative Imaginations, Zebra Print shirt - American Crafts
All other Supplies Close to my Heart


  1. What a fantastic idea!! I really thought on first looking that it was an actual eraser and a real pencil lol so well done on the realistic looking embellishments.
    I have to say that the Hyena voice is where I am trying to talk but not much is coming out and I raise my voice which makes it a whole lost worse lol.

  2. What a super creative take on the challenge!!!

  3. Great idea for the challenge. Yes, I definitely miss buying the school supplies now.

  4. Your eraser and pencil are awesome! Great idea!


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