Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 172 - ABCs & 123s :)

Today's challenge at 365 Cards was to use alphabet stickers and at least one number :)
in an effort to use up my overflowing gallon-sized bag of letter stickers, i created my background out of them! yay! (if i had a use for a zillion back 2 school cards i'd keep making these all day just to get rid of some of these stickers lol)
now that i'm looking at the picture i'm thinking my 2 stickers wasn't the best - if you can't see it - i promise there is a blue #2 inside that little green square lol

Anybody remember the show Ducktales?! I found the theme song on a Disney collection CD & it's an awesome blast from the past lol

*Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg
Race cars, lasers, airplanes, it's a duck blur
might solve a mystery or rewrite history

(sorry - you can blame my rambly post on the lack of diet coke in my house this morning lol)

Thanks for stopping by!
the back to school letters are from doodlebug and are covered with Glitter Glitz White Pearl glitter (if you haven't tried this yet, it's awesome - it's my favorite glitter for snow because it has some shine but not the normal crazy glitter shine that makes your snow look like little crystals lol)
the background paper is from (what else?) cosmo cricket!
all of the other stickers are from the dreaded bag-o-letters...couldn't tell you the different brands if my life depended on it lol


  1. Love it! What a great way to use up the letters that don't spell anything! lol.
    thanks for coming by and checking out my creation xo.

  2. The letter sticker background is genius!

  3. What! no diet coke!! how can you function? LOL (i cant without one :) love how you used the letters as the background

  4. Clever and cute! My kids loved Ducktales (and Darkwing Duck, too) :D

  5. Whatta super fun way to use your stash!!! Love your card!

  6. I knew I liked you, I can't function without my D coke in the AM, 2 cans please, don't EVEN talk to me until they are gone :).
    Your card is awsome, very clever idea, just adorable, and fun.

    I love Disney, also, the mouse soooo rocks!

  7. Very cute! Can't believe it's time for school to start already....

  8. Very clever to use the letters for the background, nice touch!

  9. I LOVE all those letters! i think it works so great. this card is really fun! thanks for joining in today!!


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