Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 168 - A Touch of Toile

so today I, along with a bunch of other 365ers, learned a new word lol.
Definitely didn't have a clue what toile was and certainly didn't own anything "toile-ish" (yup, it's a word, it's MY word lol)
so i googled toile and got some neat pictures and said oh, it's THAT stuff, huh, didn't know it was called that lol
I had to run to my mom's to use her printer to print my background paper because i'm just about out of ink :)
I made the flower, how awesome is that?! It's from a pear punch, who thinks these things up? The lady that writes the flower punch books must be the macgyver of scrapbooking...(*hmm what can i make with a pear and a sunburst? i know! a rose!*)
I actually completed my first full week @ 365!!! Yay!

google for my patterned paper lol (i can't remember the site i found this from, oops!)
the sentiment is from cloud nine designs


  1. hehe You and I were thinking the same thing LOL. When you said it was the pear punch, I thought "Who thinks up these things?" and those were your next words...freaky!! Just kidding...great minds think alike.

    Great card and the rose just pops..good job!!

  2. your card is beautiful! love the toile background - and that flower - holy moly, that's gorgeous!!

  3. prety card and WOW!! what an awesome flower! :)

  4. Gorgeous card, Becky, and that coral ribbon and flower are the perfect accent! Really, a 'pear' punch? Flippin' awesome!


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